Demand Side Response (DSR) explained

Here’s how you can earn an income and reduce your CO2 emissions at no cost.

Our video shows how simple it is to set up Demand Side Response (DSR) in your building, allowing you to generate a new revenue stream AND reduce carbon emissions.

For the first time, OakTree Power has made DSR accessible to a whole range of organisations with commercial buildings and properties, in virtually every sector.

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Your facility could provide you with a new source of revenue whilst helping your organisation and the country achieve its net zero emissions goals.

OakTree Power’s technology, proven in thousands of buildings across the world, is housed in a small cabinet we install in your facility.

Communicating with our central operations centre, it automatically turns your electrical plant such as pump motors, fans and air conditioning chillers down a little for infrequent, short periods when the country’s electricity grid is under stress. Carbon emissions are reduced and you get paid every time your electricity consumption is adjusted.

In addition, OakTree Power adjusts your facility’s electricity demand when peak-time tariffs are applied, providing you with substantial savings.

Our solution operates in a way which doesn’t negatively impact the performance of your building or the comfort conditions of the occupants. In fact, no-one will notice any difference.

There’s no need to find a budget to access these benefits as all the costs to fit and operate the technology are funded by OakTree Power.

OakTree Power will connect your facility at no cost

The occupants never notice any difference

You help achieve net zero emissions goals

You obtain an ongoing passive income

Every year, you reduce your electricity bill by up to 5% (with no capital outlay)

How can my facility earn an ongoing income?

How can OakTree help us meet our net zero targets?

Is my facility eligible?

What technology will OakTree use to connect my facility?

Demand Side Response

The national and local electricity networks come under stress at times for a variety of reasons and the network companies use Flexible Load from facilities to get it back into balance and avoid blackouts. When they need to ‘balance the grid’, they pay OakTree to adjust your building’s electricity consumption. In effect, they use your Flexible Load as an operational tool.

When they call on OakTree to reduce your Flexible Load, it is called ‘Demand Side Response’ or DSR.


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