Our Technology Solutions

OakTree Power utilises an intelligent combination of proven digital technologies, designed with the highest levels of reliability and security.

Operational Platform

OakTree’s central operations centre utilises one of the world’s leading real-time energy trading and control platforms which automatically manages and optimises OakTree’s customer asset portfolio in real time.

Employing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology, it selects and bids electrical loads from our customers’ facilities into various flexibility markets based on a range of pre-agreed rules such as those offering the greatest price, services for specific networks and load adjustment response and duration times.

OakTree’s operational team liaises with all of its customers and uses the platform to continuously scan the flexibility markets, ensuring it delivers strategies which maximise revenue generation according to each customer’s business objectives, availability and risk preferences.

You Always Remain in Control

OakTree never adjusts the electrical plant in your facility without your approval, always placing you in control.

  1. You approve the Load Adjustment Strategy which our OakTree engineer designs for your facility, agreeing which electrical plant can be controlled and turned up or down.
  2. Every week you are contacted by an OakTree operator from our central operations centre to ask if there are any days in the coming week when your facility is not available to participate in upcoming Demand Side Response (DSR) events, for example if an item of electrical plant will be undergoing maintenance.
  3. A nominated contact or contacts in your organisation will be sent an email or message to inform you that your facility is about to participate in a DSR event, allowing you time to Opt Out if this isn’t convenient or conditions in your facility have changed

No matter if you have a Single Building, a site with Multiple Buildings or a Series of Buildings in different locations across the country, OakTree Power has a solution to get you connected and earning revenues.

Single Building Solution

Connecting your building couldn’t be easier. The only equipment we install in your building is housed in a small ‘box-on-the-wall’ cabinet and mounted near your existing building controls and electricity meter. Inside this cabinet is a powerful, yet simple system which we call the Virtual End Node or VEN. Our VEN continuously polls into the OakTree central operations centre over the internet on a minute-by- minute basis using the secure OpenADR signalling protocol and does two things:

  1. After conducting a sub-second security handshake with our central software system, the VEN sends your building’s electricity consumption data enabling OakTree to monitor it on a dynamic basis.
  2. At the same time, the VEN asks whether it should initiate the Load Adjustment Strategy we pre-programmed on your Building Management System (BMS). When the VEN picks up a signal to dispatch a DSR event, it automatically initiates the turn down, turn up or turn off of the electrical plant you have agreed can be adjusted by initiating the Load Adjustment Strategy for a short period of time then turns it back to its original operating state. Silently, simply and securely.

Multiple Building Solutions

If your site has a number of buildings connected on the same Building Management System (BMS) network, you can benefit from our Multiple- Building Solution (MBS). The MBS aggregates each building’s Flexible Load in concert, creating in effect a single ‘whole-site’ Flexible Load.

We install our ‘box-on-the-wall’ where it can connect to your facility’s BMS head-end. As with our Single Building Solution, the VEN inside the box continuously polls into the OakTree central operations centre over the internet to check for an event dispatch signal and to input the collective electrical meter consumption data from all of the connected buildings.

When the VEN picks up a signal to dispatch a DSR event, it automatically initiates the turn down, turn up or turn off of the electrical plant devices you have agreed can be adjusted in each of the connected buildings on your site for a short period of time then turns them back to their original operating state.

Series of Buildings

If your organisation has a number of buildings in its property portfolio, no matter where they are located across the country, OakTree can connect them if they are eligible. If each of your buildings has an individual BMS or there is a central BMS controlling them all, OakTree can access their Flexible Load from our central operations centre allowing you to obtain DSR benefits for your whole portfolio.

Getting Connected

OakTree Power does all of the work for you to get your facility connected and earning revenues and reducing carbon emissions as quickly as possible – fully funded by OakTree Power. We’ve streamlined it down to a simple 5 Step Process. We involve you at every stage of the process and always get your approval before moving from one stage to the next.



We analyse your electrical half hourly meter data from the past 12 months and review several of your most recent energy bills to identify the potential benefits your facility could obtain from Demand Side Response.


Initial Estimate

OakTree’s desk-top analysis in stage 1 generates our initial estimate report which explains the level of benefits potential in your facility


Site Survey

Following a positive outcome in stage 2, one of our engineers will conduct an in-depth survey of your electrical plant and its use from which we will confirm the potential benefits and design a load adjustment strategy


Energy Services Contract

Using the knowledge obtained from the site survey in stage 3, a detailed proposal will explain the potential benefits obtainable over the contract period, leading to the signing of an Energy Services Contract


Final Commissioning

The final commissioning stage is the User Acceptance Test (UAT). An OakTree engineer will conduct a series of load adjustment test events in the presence of a representative from your organisation. This confirms which electrical plant is adjusted as well as the degree of electrical load that is reduced. It confirms that everything works as agreed.

Load Adjustment Strategy

The Load Adjustment Strategy (LAS) details which electrical plant and components in your facility will be adjusted, for how long and to what degree. You will have reviewed and approved the LAS during presentation of the Energy Services Contract (Step 4). An OakTree engineer will liaise with your Building Controls Contractor to arrange for the LAS to be programmed into your existing Building Management System (BMS). This usually takes a few hours on site to complete and test.

It takes approximately a month for your facility’s data to be normalised, baselines to be established and operation confirmed after which you will start to make cost savings and generate new revenues from your next energy bill. You’ll also start reducing carbon emissions from your facility and provide a critical tool to enable the growth of renewable generation across the country.

Discover how OakTree Power’s Solutions can silently control the Flexible Load in your facility and start your organisation accessing major benefits.

Alternatively, learn more by downloading our white paper, “Our Future in the Balance” for a comprehensive explanation of Green DSR at work.