If you can answer YES to most of the following seven simple questions, your facility is most likely eligible for participating in demand side response programmes and earning your organisation an ongoing passive income whilst contributing to your net zero emissions targets.


Do you own or have a greater than 5 year lease on your facility/buildings (ie it isn’t sub-let to multi-tenants)


Are you responsible for procuring the facility’s electricity?


Does your facility have a peak electricity demand of at least 400kW?


Is your facility in operation to at least 7pm Mon-Fri?


Does the facility have a modern BMS (Building Management control System) and does it control the facility’s primary electricity using plant such as Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning pumps, motors and chillers?


Does your organisation have net zero emissions targets and are you looking for solutions to help achieve them?


Would you like to reduce the system charges (TNUoS (Triad) and red zone DUoS) on your electricity bill (these charges are applied at certain peak times and can be 1000 times your standard electricity tariff)?

Mostly Yes?

The next step is to contact OakTree Power and let us explore what untapped benefits your building might have.