Case Study Profile
Regional Building Society

Regional Building Society

Sector: Financial Services

Customer Profile

  • A regionally based, financial services business, with over 1,000 staff employed in various Head-office, administrative and customer-service, call-centre functions. The office runs a typical 9-5 working day with some extended hours for call-centre operations, but no weekend working.
  • Footprint of 13,600 m2 / 146,389 sq.ft.
  • 1MW peak electrical capacity – mostly servicing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) load.
  • Modern Building Management Systems and Controls in place

Demand Side Response Strategy

  • Turn down supply and extract fans on 15 x AHUs by 66%.
  • Reprogramme Duty Cycle Air Compressor: 7.5 mins on/22.5 mins off.
  • Adjust set points by 3°C on 2 x main chillers

1 MW

Peak electrical capacity

13,600 m2

Building footprint


Building users

9am – 5pm

Working hours


220 kW

Load shed

123,000 kg

CO2 reduction over 5 years


Financial benefit over 5 years

No negative impact on comfort conditions of occupants.
No capital outlay for the building society.
Additional cost savings from plant optimisation.

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