About Us

Our Inspiration

A few years ago, several OakTree Directors observed how a well-known Swedish furniture company put up posters in its large blue-box retail stores in California informing customers that at times they may experience warmer temperatures and lower light levels during their shopping experience but that this was because the company was adjusting its electricity consumption to help the state keep the lights on. California was going through a generation capacity crisis at the time and power cuts were frequent and disruptive. Subsequent research showed that the customers’ regard and appreciation of the Swedish company had actually risen as a consequence. They continue with the programme today, now to help California introduce and manage the intermittent nature of renewable generation such as wind turbines.

We asked ourselves, surely facilities in the UK could benefit similarly but we challenged our technical team to devise a solution which provided the benefits without negatively impacting the experience. Their success led to the launch of OakTree Power.

OakTree Power has been launched by a team of passionate and experienced professionals in smart energy systems. The team have put together unrivalled capabilities enabling our clients to boost their green credentials by cutting carbon emissions, reducing energy costs whilst gaining access to new revenues. With our wealth of experience in the industry, we are proud to bring internationally proven best-in-class technology and major benefits to facility owners across the UK.

An Exciting, New Opportunity for Facility Owners

OakTree Power is a new, technology-driven company enabling Facility Owners across the UK to access financial and environmental benefits they’ve never been able to before.

To date its been only large industrial facility owners or those with diesel generators or batteries who could benefit from Demand Side Response (DSR).

No longer.

Medium-size non-domestic buildings such as offices, hotels, universities and warehouses which haven’t been able to benefit from DSR as they were too small can do so today due to OakTree Power’s innovative digital technology which has been designed specifically to address this need.

Our clean, silent and invisible DSR solution sits in a box on your wall, quietly going about its business adjusting your non-critical electricity plant in response to a signal when the country’s electricity networks are under stress, avoiding power cuts and enabling the wide-scale deployment of wind generation and solar PV.

On top of this, our technology enables us to additionally adjust your facility’s electricity demand when expensive peak-time tariffs are applied, providing you with substantial cost savings. And the best part is that no-one in your building will notice any difference and OakTree Power fully funds the installation.

OakTree Power’s white paper “Our Future in the Balance” provides insight into how Green DSR can be deployed in commercial buildings like yours at no cost.

Download it now and see how you could be reducing CO2 emissions and generating anincome for your organisation.

Discover how OakTree Power’s solutions can silently control the flexible load in your facility and start your organisation accessing major benefits.